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Empower logistics with intelligence

At YunTech, we believe Smart Logistics is the core foundation of the future business. We are building a smart cloud platform and a global synergy network to empower logistics to be faster, cheaper, easier and securer.

Smart Warehouse

Next-gen Warehouse and supply chain management, eCommerce fulfilment.

Smart Transportation

Vehicle, route, capacity and network management and optimization.

Smart Devices

Automation control, process control, data collection and integration.

Smart Data Cloud

AI powered real-time workflow & data visualisation, simulation and optimization.

Cross-border logistics solutions

YunTech integrates AI, Big-data, IoT, 5G and Blockchain technologies, provides SaaS and PaaS based cloud services to logistics, supply chain and eCommerce companies on the cross-border logistics chain. Every container, every pallet, even every product item can be tracked and visualised.

Warehouse Management Cloud
Transportation Management Cloud
Order Management Cloud
Supply Chain Management Cloud
Route Optimisation Cloud
Document Management Cloud
eCommerce Management Cloud
Capacity Optimisation Cloud
Billing Management Cloud
Meet YunTech Team

The founders of YunTech are the perfect team from technology, operations and financial background  We have successful experience in several start-up companies in IT, eCommerce and logistics. We also have experience in financial investment, government relations and successful IPO on ASX.

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